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What is the height of the KOSTKA footbike handlebars and what are the height adjustment options?

The height of the handlebars is always shown for a particular footbike type.

As standard, the A-HEAD stem is installed on the footbike. It allows the handlebars to be adjusted to a certain extent. The 10mm spacing rings are placed below the stem, the number of rings determines the axial height for which the handlebars can be lowered. The rings can either be moved and placed over the stem, or the rings can be removed completely and thus the front fork post cut. However, we recommend this only when you are absolutely sure of the height change (this change is irreversible!). We recommend to perform the reduction of the front fork post only in specialised repair shops. Another option is lowering the handlebars height by replacing the handlebars with lower variant if it is possible for a particular model.

You can increase the height of the handlebars in two ways. But we recommend to always consult the seller with this change.

1) Replacing the handlebars with a higher variant, i.e. the handlebars with larger offset. As example, we can show the handlebars replacement on the footbike TOUR: As standard, the handlebars with the offset 50 mm are installed (FBH 620-50 Al); in order to rise, you can use the handlebars with offset 75 mm or 100 mm (FBH 620-75 Al or FBH 620-100 Al).
Paket XL (offset 75 mm)
Paket XXL (offset 100 mm)

2) Using the extender for rising the handlebars. E.g.: BBB BHP-22 - this extender is installed to the front fork post. This variant fits for the models with the handlebars BMX.

Is it possible to additionally install a stand to the footbike?

Yes, you can install a stand to the footbike. Just except the model RUBIK, RACER, REBEL, MAX, FOLD.
Stands and mounts

What kind of mudguard should I use on the footbike?

A suitable mudguard for your footbike can be found in the following table. We produce our own mudguards which were specially designed for footbiking. The mudguards are produced in more colour variations. For extreme conditions - a newcomer is in our supplies: the mudguards Kostka Shock.

Is it possible to attach a child seat on the KOSTKA footbike?

Yes, it is possible. We recommend the seats BOBIKE MINI available in our e-shop. These are proven and high-quality baby seats. We recommend to attach them to the models HILL and TWENTY. The footbike TOUR is not suitable for them because the baby would then sit too high.

Can footbikes be carried on a roof rack or tow-bar?

Yes, it is possible to transport the footbikes on the roof rack, but the carrier must, for example, be available ProRide 591 from the THULE brand (Swedish company), since the bracket must securely fasten the angular pitch of the footbike frame tube. Furthermore, it is important to have a straight lower mounting bar. That’s because the shaped rails can interfere with the footbike’s deck. E.g., the HAKR TRIP ROLLER can be mounted on the tow-bar. We recommend to always to test the carrier before buying it.

How to inflate the rear 12” wheel with dense wire spokes?

The 12” wheels with 32-spoke diagonal stringing are fitted with tire tubes which have a 45 ° bent valve, which greatly facilitates their inflation. The footbikes KOSTKA KID and KOSTKA REBEL do not have as thick wire spokes as the models KOSTKA UNI, so you can find a classic straight valve. The best way to inflate these wheels is using the common threaded hose.

How to inflate the wheels correctly?

The recommended tire inflation is specified by the manufacturer on each tire and it is different for each manufacturer and wheel size.

What conditions allow the structural changes of the footbike?

Footbikes are produced in series, thus structural changes at the customer's wish are realized only exceptionally. In such case, prior consultation on the possibilities of design changes is necessary.

How can I pay in your e-shop?

It is possible currently to pay for ordered goods in our online store by cash on delivery, bank transfer, payment card or by cash at personal collection.

What is the ground clearance of the footbike?

The ground clearance varies by model and version. The exact details can be found on the footbike detail page, on the tab "Parameters” under the illustrations or the simplified plan. By default, the footbike gap for road use is about 50 mm, the deck height is about 80 mm.

How long is the deck?

Depending on the model, the deck length ranges from 330 mm to 440 mm.
The length of the deck is always shown on a simplified technical plan, which can be found on the pages of our e-shop under the thumbnail of the selected footbike type.

In what condition is the footbike shipped?

The footbikes are completely adjusted and tested during the assembly.
When preparing for transport (depending on the model), the front wheel is removed and the handlebars are released and the footbike is thus disassembled and stored in the cardboard box. The dimensions of the transport carton vary according to the selected footbike type.

After unpacking, the footbike must be assembled according to the enclosed instructions.

What is the weight of the packed footbikes and the footbikes themselves?

The weight of the footbike is always shown on a simplified technical plan, which can be found on the pages of our e-shop or in the parameters shown under the product.
The weight of the footbike ready for transport is about 1.5 kg or 3 kg heavier - depending on the footbike type and the size of the carton box.

How should I choose the right footbike?

You can choose the right footbike by using our guide to choosing the right footbike model or configurator.

What is the weight capacity of the footbike?

The footbike's weight capacity is always listed in the parameters for a specific product.

How can I increase the ground clearance of the footbike deck?

Ground clearance of the footbike deck can be increased by a spacing ring to increase the stepping surface. It is available as a variant for both the bearing headset Kostka and the ring headset assembly.
Spacing ring

How should I treat the lower part of the footbike frame against corrosion?

The bottom side of the frame can be treated with a nano-spray. But the right footbikers always scratch the footbike from the bottom. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the lower side. You do not have to worry, the footbike frame is ready for this treatment.

Can I choose my own footbike colour?

Yes, you can choose your own colour. You can choose among the colours which are available for other models, for example. You can also choose from the sampler RAL and then you need to check the current availability and options.

Why is the deck ground clearance of the street footbikes so low?

The deck height is divided into the ground clearance (height from ground to the lower side of the footbike) and the height from ground to upper stepping surface of the footbike. The ground clearance indicates the throughput, the height of the deck then determines how much your standing foot (foot on the footbike deck) will be strained. Let’s imagine it as a staircase, the higher it will be, the more we will have to bend the leg. That's why we prefer low gap on our footbikes. And we already design the footbike frame with expectation of encountering road inequalities. The front is equipped with a special stiffener and then reinforced by welds on the lower side.

Where is the footbike Kostka produced?

The whole production takes place in Czech Republic. However, this is not just the final assembly. Our footbikes are born from the basic parts such as frames, forks, hubs, handlebars, stems and other essential parts, all in the foothills by the Jeseníky Mountains. We also produce various special footbike accessories.

Can we attach a trailer to a footbike?

Yes, there are some different solutions but this option is always solved by the customer with the dealer of a particular trailer. But we do not recommend this. The footbike with a trailer can be too long and clumsy. If you are going to overcome long distances, we recommend to attach bags to the footbike frame with a special rear structure. If you are going to travel and you are looking for a suitable solution, do not hesitate to contact us.

How can I attach lights to the footbike?

You can attach the front light directly to the footbike handlebars or use a special UNI HOLDER, which can be attached to the stem.

And if you want to use a rear light, we recommend you to buy a rear light adapter or adapter with Kliclight.

What traffic regulations apply to footbike riding?

In the Czech Republic, the same traffic regulations are applied for cycling. In defferent countries, you need to follow the traffic regulation of your country.

Can you ride a footbike in the winter?

Yes, you can ride the footbike in the winter as well. The advantage is that the whole body is in motion during the ride, which improves the blood circulation (warming up) of all body parts. But the footbike is damaged more by the salt used in the winter, so we recommend you to protect the footbike and use, for example, nano-sprays against corrosion or wash the footbike after the ride.

Where can I buy a retouching colour for a footbike?

Footbikes are painted with the highly resistant paint Komaxit, but its repair is complicated. For a specific retouch colour, we recommend you to visit a specialized paint shop and get an expert advice. On the bottom side of the footbike, the paint will be mostly damaged, it’s no big deal and do not try to paint these places - the paint will soon be abraded again. In order to increase the protection, we recommend using, for example, a nano-spray against corrosion.


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