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Bags & Baskets

Do you go shopping by footbike? Do you go for a longer, all-day or few days’ trips you need to be well prepared for? Then you can buy a bag you can attach to your footbike and you can use for storage of all your necessities. Some bags are attached to the fender, so you need them for the installation as well. Other bags are placed on the frame tube, handlebars or stem.

Useful and elegant bags

These bags of various size can be used for many purposes. Smaller models can be sufficient only on shorter trips. Those are only for the most important things as wallet, phone, snack or a small jacket. But the bigger bags can carry e.g. spare parts or a sleeping bag. Two of the main advantages of these nicely designed bags are perfectly prepared storage room and easy manipulation. Moreover, the bag can be quickly dismounted. They fit perfectly for the footbikes KOSTKA. The bags are made of washable material, so that their maintenance is simple.

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