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  • Brakes

    Are the brakes on your footbike already worn out? You can buy new brake components, - because working brakes are important for keeping the ride safe. You can never know when you need to react quickly if an obstacle appears. We offer stainless brake cables and brake pads. You can check the brake type’s compatibility with the footbike Kostka model right by the particular product. Our spare parts will provide you an extraordinary braking performance.

    Easy and quick manipulation with the brakes

    The original system KOSTKA Brake Off is an easy way for disjointing rear brake jaw and unmounting the rear wheel - you can loosen the brake wire and unmount the wheel within a second. You don’t need any special wrenches for this work which doesn’t dirty your hands either. In our e-hop you can buy a lot of other accessories for the footbikes KOSTKA. Spare parts which are important for riding: (handlebars, wheels, tires. But we also offer some above-standard accessories you can optimize your footbike with: (cycle computers, bottle cages, accessories for dog lovers etc.).

  • Tubes

    The inner tubes are a spare part as well because they may suffer damage easily. If you are a truly footbike enthusiast, you should always have a backup inner tube at hand. There are more available sizes, so you have to choose the right one for your footbike model. In case you have a puncture which can’t be repaired, the whole inner tube must be replaced.

    Other footbike accessories

    We also offer a valve adapter for easier inflation of smaller wheels or a rim tape made of a high-quality fabric. We have lot of other accessories for the footbikes: spare parts which are important for riding: (lights, tires, brakes etc.). But we also offer some above-standard accessories, so you can make your footbike ride comfortable: (seats, mudguards, bags and baskets etc.).

  • Wheels

    We offer a good-quality wire wheels for our KOSTKA footbikes. There are several available sizes. The wheels are furnished with sprockets that are more resistant against lateral forces. Here you can also find a quick release skewer or a rim tape, which is made of good-quality nylon fabric. Here you can also find a travel case which allows you an easy transport of your footbike. A small pocket is also included.

    Other spare parts

    We also offer inner tubes, or other footbike spare parts – e.g. rims, brakes or lights.Furthermore, there are also other accessories as pumps, seats, mudguards etc. All these parts help you to maintain your footbike in a perfect condition and you will be prepared for unexpected accidents.

  • Hubs
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  • Tires
  • Stems
  • Rims
  • Frames and Forks
  • Handlebars
  • Handles


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