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  • RUN
    High-quality balance bikes for kids, with inflatable 12” tires and a brake. Balance bikes with low weight are designed for kids, equipped only with high-quality components. Even for the youngest kids of at least 85 cm tall or (18 months old).
    Very light street footbike model with a 16” front wheel and a 12” rear wheel. Kids edition is also available. Rebel is a perfect Last-Mile-Transport and it should become a regular part of your car's equipment. Premium version footbike for kids - Your children will be delighted with their new scooter.
    Small city model with front and rear 16” wheels. Fits better for shorter trips and city rides. The footbike has been designed for quick direction change.
    Small city footbike with front and rear 16” wheels. Perfect for trips and city rides. The footbike has been designed for quick direction change.
  • HILL
    Smaller footbike with 20” front wheel and 16” rear wheel. Suitable for shorter cycleway tours, mild terrain rides and city travels. This footbike grows with the rider - from childhood to adulthood. Perfect for the whole family.
    The model with two 20” wheels. Mid-size quick model for both shorter and longer trips on asphalt, unpaved roads and cycleways. Both 20” wheels allow a perfect, comfortable ride, even when the footbike moves quickly.
  • TOUR
    Adult footbike for longer trips on asphalt and various terrain types. The combination of the 26” front wheel and the 20” rear wheel makes this footbike a perfect adult model for quick and still comfortable ride on any terrain.

    Footbike with a 28 "front wheel which allows you to get over every unevenness and ride on moderate terrain without any problem. Once you push off on this adult tourist footbike for the first time, its perfect driveability will make it a part of your body (and soul) instantly.

  • TRIP
    Big-size model with a 28” front wheel and a 24” rear wheel for challenging the longest trips and tourist expeditions. Allows a comfortable ride not only on asphalt but also on rough tiles or forest paths. Equip your footbike with bags, take a sleeping bag and a camping mat and let’s go for an adventure.
    If you plan to win a race or if you just want to ride like a devil and break the (time and speed) records, then the Racer is the best choice for you! Racing and sports models.
    The Mushing models are generally used for dog walking and downhill racing. These models were designed especially for terrain rides. They are equipped with reinforced frames that can handle even the harshest conditions. Perfect for both mushing beginners and professionals.
    Footbike on huge 4" fat tires. This model is more controllable apart from its bigger brother MONSTER. Raptor is destined for downhill, mushing and pure adrenaline on any type of surface. It is also suitable for lower figures or mushers juniors.
    A monstrous footbike with 4” fat tires, special hub with a 12mm solid axle, reinforced frame and a sturdy rear construction and a broad deck. Perfect model for downhill racing, dog walking and experiments on unpaved terrain.
  • UNI
    Basic footbike model with a 20” front wheel and a 12” rear wheel - for shorter trips and travels through the city. The footbike has an extended rear construction - it also serves as a mudguard with an integrated rear light.


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